PAINTING / Gallery at the Church

Solo Show with paintings from 2010-15.
Gallery at the Church, Aarhus (DK).
December 11, 2015 until April 11, 2016.
Panta Rhei
PANTA RHEI Oil on canvas | 130×200 cm | 2013



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Artist Ole C Hansen

Born 1964. Has since the second half of the 1980s worked with painting, drawing, prints and photography. Always, he has been concerned on the iconic expression, what characterizes this, and what makes this different from, for example, the literary, musical or dramatic expression.
At the beginning an anti-aesthetic orientation was dominating – bad taste, kitsch and outright ugliness contained briefly the greatest beauty.

Later on the question of taste was neutralized and replaced by a curiosity for the aesthetic as a source of knowledge. A variety of issues have over the years been studied and various artistic positions has been tested with an including attitude.

Ole C Hansen has graduated from Jutland Academy of Fine Arts, Aarhus, 1995.
Lives and works in Aarhus (DK).

Ole C Hansen | +45 2696 5880 |