It’s beyond any doubt that each work of art has to be experienced in reality in order to get the full benefit of its richness of qualities. However, what may be extremely difficult in reality, is to make sense of an artist’s multifaceted production.
But with this site, it is now possible for anyone to explore my overall oeuvre, connect and compare crisscrossing the chronology, themes and motifs, without being subject to a strict form of presentation or intention on my part. Everyone is free to search for patterns and trends in the material and draw her own conclusions. Whether it can generate any kind of knowledge, must so far be open to question – but the opportunity and the potential is certainly there.

A reservation – the oeuvre is not complete. And probably it will never become complete. Some works have left the studio without being properly documented. Moreover, it will be limited how many pieces of paper with volatile sketches that will find their way to the site. However, I have been, and will continue to be rather generous with uploading images. The spirit of the site is to be generous.